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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  October 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first... join the nation. thank you. >> i am greg gutfeld. an important part of your daily dietary intake. here's what's coming up. no speaker no problem. there's plenty of john boehner to go around. yum, yum. no plans to stop by? no problem. i have an unspeakable idea that will solve everything. joanne, katherine, camacaze. you go. let's get started. i have a roast in the oven. >> people think it is hideous. >> he can be a bit of a knuckle head. i don't like how he makes blanket statements for all of us. >> something weird about him. >> one of the creepiest people i have ever net.
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>> let's welcome tonight's guests. he's sharp samurais carry him in their belt. chris dar walled editor. brett stevens the wall street journal foreign affairs columnist and gep ut editorial page. it is called america in retreat. i lost it it fell out of a window and hit nim in the head. it is joanne. comedian dave smith. host of the podcast, part of the problem. if facts were pins she would be a pin head. katherine from mass review. he's hated and per rated and should be sedated the liberal panel, boo.
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>> two weeks after announcing his resignation from congress boehner says he will hang around until there's a successor for him. on thursday, the guy who had the most votes house majority leader and hair care specialist kevin mccarthy bailed. i hope he doesn't want to make voting for speaker a tough one. >> i don't want to make voting for speaker a tough one. i don't want to go to the floor and win with it 20 votes. i think the best thing for our country is you have 247 votes on the floor. if we are going to be strong we have got to be 100 percent united. >> those numbers so confused. shortly after congressmen decided to throw their hats or tube pays into the speaker ring. like this guy. i don't know who he is. there's this guy. no one seems 100 percent sold
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over them. >> he would rather chew on broken glass while listening to maroon 5. congress approval rating is inch worth ankles. let's think outside of the box who would make a great speaker sfl what about steve gooutenbur. he comes in my mind a lot. he gets along with everybody. william due vain people are finding gold and silver like no tomorrow. he says jump we say how high. because he's william (bleep) bane. they should wear stars and stripes boxing gloves at all times or for mede i don't knowing see. >> that's what i thought. >> that's what congress needs, he gets my vote. >> i have them in every room.
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crawl space. chris, how are you? >> i don't know if i am ready for this. i don't know if i am emotionally prepared for this discussion now. a oo that is great. i want you fumbling around. it is a huge, huge feel. is it a bad thing all of the chaos in the house and wherever? >> well, look, there is nothing the washington press corps likes to wet of the collective trousers. it makes us feel so important. look how important we are will it be this guy? will it be great and rodi it could be a nonmember of the house. all of that contributes to the reasonable sense in the body politics something wrong is happening. i think it was karen of the "washington post" who wrote this is a party that was on the brink of ceasing to be able to funk at all with national editing.
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calm down. the reality is this is what the house of representatives was designed to do. it is designed to be as close to the people as possible. it is the cushion, the bumper on the federal system that allows the people to work their way out. how do the people feel about being entrenched entitled elite those who are in power? they hate them carson style and fiorina style. they say we don't want that that's normal healthy this is how it is supposed to work. >>s it is not just a curb cushn it is a whoopie cushion. do democrats ever do this ever. bureaucracy is their expertise? they know how to work together. there is no resistance to their ex pngs of power. seems like the republicans are always tearing themselves apart. >> democrats are the party with smart people with stupid ideas. republicans are super pid people
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with smart ideas. there you go. that's what they are doing. i agree with what chris said up to a point but the parties are not supposed to of a nervous breakdown in full public view. the person the republicans moe want in speaker of the house is nancy pelosi. they should get her. the freedom caucus should own up to the fact they want to be a permanent minority so they can complain cons statly about the evil democrats but don't want the responsibility of having to govern and compromise within their own caucus. >> the people you are talking about in the repub wlican party who is a virgin who fantasizes about a threesome. when the opportunity comes they run away they don't want the responsibility to represent that many people. it is true. it was a good med fore. i believe it was. thoughts on this? >> still on the metaphor. >> yeah. every person's dream is a weird
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three some. i don't think so. >> it was for me up until three years ago. >> there is something going on here that is very interesting. who was it, rubio when he announced that boehner was sent down and the crowd went nuts? when i was a kid republicans didn't hate other republicans. people weren't booing bob dole when he went out. there is real anger now with the tea party base or whatever you want to call it. it may be some what miss directed but that's the reason they don't want to be in there. they have to deal with this. as soon as you take over everyone hates you. >> the problem is no one is selling the job. they keep saying it is a thankless job. that's what the money and prestige is for. thankless job is like driver's ed instructor. >> you get all of this press? who doesn't want to get their picture taken and have all of the speeches. we can talk to them on the show. i want the cast to continue because i love seeing the dems
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trol we have the craig's list ad that came out. we need someone who is a baying baby-sitter to be speaker of the house. everyone is now suddenly a comedian on twitter as we go through all of this. i think the dems are noticing like you said there is a vulnerability in the party right now. i do think it is important to get someone who will unify the party. >> not a fan. they were so mean. >> you are orange, you cry a lot. >> that was my joke. >> he is a scorpio. did you know that? that's why -- it is mercury retrograde. of course he's crying a lot. we are emotional. >> you are a scorpio as well. >> birthday october 29th. i am very excited. >> i am surprised when i hear women talk about astrology. it is such a guy thing. liberal panel,>> it would be
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barack hussein obama. i think he would be greas the senate majority leader. >> what was that? >> i was saying it would only be you: you raised an interesting point. i got to move on because you are boring the hell out of me. anybody could be speaker. i didn't know that. that's why newt won. >> anybody can be president. i asked malcolm in the middle if he would be it. >> now he's going to stalk you even more. >> democratic candidates are getting ready for their first debate. they will be pop stars in the form of sheryl crow. tracy chapman had other plans. live music. they didn't do this at the republican debate. >> are you teasing. is sheryl crow actually performing at the national democratic debate? >> i hope so.
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>> she is singing the national anthem. >> that's a good thing. >> she loves america. i think they need jugglers close-up magic and face painting for children. >> it will be pretty heinous. the reason it is going to be so heinous is that it's not going to be a debate. it is going to be hillary clinton laying out a number of liberal positions. bernie sanders is not going to attack her. number three who are all at 0 and 1 and struggling and nobody wants to talk to them. they -- whether martino malley will say or do something to try to assert himself into the process will he go trump owe what is he going to do? i don't know. it is hillary clinton saying i am really like gun control. i really hate global warming. i hate wall street. it will be her auto defay to say i totally submit and i will give
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you every -- >> she is going to cull trurlly appropriate bernie sanders. she will assume bernie sanders. that's why she came out with the trade deal. po he is issed him like a poelter geist. i will make a prediction. i predict jim web is going to be the sleeper. he is going to come out of nowhere and nail hillary for not going competent in the area you have nation in a will security and he will rise up. >> jim web was ronald reagan's secretary of the navy. y he found himself on the wrong ship somehow. i disagree i think it will be a real debate but take place at a subliminal level. this is the question do you want hopeless my ef ate you believe in or do you want rank cynicism which is hillary clinton. that's what tugs away at the two sides of the party. back in 2008 have they been chastened or did they feel they
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didn't get enough of it? they want that much more the next iteration of obama, the sincere progressive or do they want someone like hillary clinton where it is like i know she is lying. i know she lies to everyone. i am smart enough as an intelligent democratic voter to see she is lying because you have to tell the stupid people the rest of america what they want to hear. eventually thshe will come arou to doing whatever is in her best interest. >> i love it because the clintons, you know, they pretended to be against bgay marriage because they didn't want to piss off the original voters. you found out she was against gay marriage. you can tell by the e-mails. she wasn't pleased by the end of certain specific pro nouns and things like that. i don't know if i am making sense, dave. >> you only became a bigot when 51 percent of the population
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supported. it was 49 percent then it was just normal. i think obama said it was deep seated belief in jesus in 2008 which is why he was against gay marriage. deep seated beliefs come and go. i met a gay guy named jesus. i now have a deep seated belief in him. >> there are three words in that that i am avoiding. >> facts? finances? >> nobody is going to watch. it is going to be boring. it is going to be hillary. i am going to watch. if biden was going to be in it it would be one thing. crazy uncles are in right now. biden -- >> say what you feel. >> feel what you mean. hillary is going to have the pasted smile weird that doesn't make sense sh she is talking. this is relightable fa-- relatae face that i practice in the
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mirror. people will -- >> will she be as stiff as you? >> i can't wait to see her or vote to her. i wish donald trump would show up because he was basically a democrat last year. >> you got us there, liberal panel. that is it for you. >> thanks. chris, that was mediocre. >> almost as bad as getting a man bun. let's check in with our studio audience first. thank you for being here everybody. quick show of hands how many of you wish that i was your dad? >> not surprising. i am a great person. thank you everybody.
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>> while russian bad guys are trying to buy nukes syria is bombing who knows what. isis has more toyota trucks they know what to do with and they are pumping out sides so they can drive for decades. we have no idea where we are coming from. the world is crumbling as we stepped out for a smoke. we as a country have become a mirror of our president of 4
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million square miles slug. not only are we telegraph can our weakness we are accepting it. is it time for... >> without leaders, we are no longer a country willing to fight. this week's thought experiment, don't. instead we can niez isis as the islamic state. why put it off. tell them you are in. walk out over with a crock pot full of chili and a cheese log for hickory farms. say, hey, welcome to the neighborhood. what are the consequences? my guess is many more people will continue to die in awful ways. but at least we are honest with ourselves. yet isis is grotesque. that is not our wheel house any more fighting the grotesque. we vote present. recognize them and let them go on for a few years until they grow into something we could
10:20 pm
actually nuke. we will have a new president. right now we have nothing. >> i am serious on this. i have a theory you are walking down the beach and you are in some cases building a sand castle you don't kick it over while he is building it you wait until he builds it then you kick it over. build your sand castle then we could see the sand castle from the sky and drop a bomb. >> you are the psycho path i was dealing with as a kid on the beach. >> i remember you, brett. >> like running away after you destroyed by sand castle. >> the point you have right is our problem isn't so much isis. we have a president who is fighting a make believe war that is against them. it is essentially for the sake of saying i am doing something for isis. he is not doing anything against isis. something like, we were running
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more raids over kosovo in 1999 than we are a much more minor threat than we have against isis which is like al qaeda on speed, on steroids, on crystal meth, that much worse. this is the president who told us when he came into office i am going to get away from the bad war in iraq i am going to attack al qaeda. actually that's not what i have in mind. now i am going to play golf. >> i am impressed with your knowledge on drugs. you are a libertarian. this is an area where i never really know what a libertarian thinks because they refuse to connect the dots. >> look, i am a big -- i was a ron paul supporter noninterventionist. i do agree you can't fight a war in between. when you fight a war you either have to have a full declaration
10:22 pm
of war going to build a place no building up an army and training it. we are not god at that. we are just not. i think in your thought experiment here's what i would say. you bring all of the troops home, close every base and move israel to canada. >> how does that sound? >> i would be for that. i don't think the jews in israel would be happy. >> canada is huge israel is tiny. it will be years before they find the internet in canada. as a jewish person our entire history is getting kicked out of one place and having to start over halfway around the world. >> then you have to deal with french quebec. >> which is worse than isis. >> the middle east is not vague. what happens in the middle east does not stay there. while you are sort of hanging back and waiting for something to happen and waiting for it all to fall so you can do something. they are going to be in the backyard in the east village.
10:23 pm
>> how did you know that was my backyard? >> i have sources. >> speaking of analogies. i believe isis is the rash on obama's back. he's pretending it is not there since he can't see it. he is hoping it won't spread. but you know, it itches. it itches. we feel it. we are going to need some help scratching it. you can't take care of it on your own. >> it is not the sament as a back kracher. >> a lot of analogies. can you do the three some again? >> that's where you get rashes. >> there is a problem. how you want to approach it depends on your back. >> so little we can do. what have we done over there that has really done any good? >> we got rid of sadam hussein. >> now everything is better. >> that had nothing to do -- shut up liberal panel. that is not funny. >> isis isn't a country. we can't take out individual little groups without harming civilians. >> islamic states they
10:24 pm
centralize into one area. it's like a roach motel. >> i don't know why we need to get so excited about bombing. >> i don't think any of these threats that have blown up in our face as a result of you not going involved in the middle east. talk about al qaeda we were involved in starting them. >> high five. high five. >> that's not true. >> the -- >> this is what happens when you are a ron paul supporter. >> so we didn't give them any support? >> we supported the muji. >> afghanistan another zone where you can say no good thing happens except for presence in afghanistan we managed to kill bin laden. if we took action before september 11th, 2001. you are very young. you probably don't remember
10:25 pm
that. >> ouch. >> we wouldn't have had a hold in lower manhattan. you get back to the vegas problem. you can get less than catastrophic outcomes which is what we have now. >> i am not saying there wouldn't have been an intervention if we killed osama bin laden the day before 9-11 that would have been a great thing. >> we should have. >> the problem is we haven't been involved. haven't we been very involved for my entire life? >> the problem we had is as the middle east has gone down the toilet in the last seven years we have had a president who is abiding philosophy shared byron paul isn't -- >> blame obama. >> he isn't really living out ron paul's philosophy. >> he's ron paul like. >> not even close. >> we have to wrap this up because this is starting to sound like an intelligent show. >> i am here to stop that. i want to ask the liberal panel. you must be really happy with
10:26 pm
obama's work with isis. >> look, the middle east is a preview of the post apocalypse. i recommend we all make love, greg. >> kinky poliamerous love. >> hot can sticky. >> video of a college student's drunken tantrum gets passed around the internet. that never happens. joanne and katherine visit and
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>> university of connecticut student luke brady was abusive to the staff because they wouldn't serve him burnt mac and cheese. >> he is our -- >> tool of the week. >> nice work. >> when the cafeteria manager pursued him for showing up with an open bottle of booze this happened. >> >> what are you the manager? this is a free market.
10:31 pm
oo oh my god. oh my god. >> let me get my shoes. what happened to my shoes? >> when you are filming this stuff remember to do it this way. >> following his arrest -- >> he may or may not have been expelled. we are not sure. he was spotted days later leaving campus with a car pull of his belongings. he still isn't ruled in the school. >> i hope he is okay selling plasma from his car for drug money. >> you feel bad for him? >> no. he should have gotten it much
10:32 pm
worse. >> he spets on him at one point. >> he went from -- it was like the 8th time he said i want my jalapeno bacon mac and cheese. you are the worst person ever. the ninth time he said it i loved him there was a weird moment where he so specifically knew what he wanted. >> you always know what you want when you are drunk, show. this is never what you want when you sober up. >> are you happy my generation -- we didn't have cell phones. we didn't have camera phones. >> none of our stupid behavior can ever be filmed. the cell phone generation all of that happened. it was pretty bad. >> i went to the university of
10:33 pm
chicago. >> i have been thinking about this confection. what is this jalapeno macaroni. it has to be fattening. >> 499 calories in a 6 ounce serving which means 600 normal person serving 898 in a sad person's serving. 2,245 in a drunk kid's serving. you don't eat less than 2,000 calories of anything when you are drunk. minimum. that's a lot thouo throw up if r keeping yao you are figure. >> jalapenos no the good. >> maybe he dodged the vomit bullet. ruined his life. >> he is kind of a bad boy. you like bad boys. been arrested previous schools. he's kind of attractive. >> he is no the bad enough. i remember my first open container of alcohol. the real problem is he was drinking alone.
10:34 pm
i didn't see any friend in the background trying to take him away unless it was his fill friend filming in which case i say you are the best. >> liberal panel i assume this is much like a typical liberal always demanding sufficient and never, ever earning it. >> i don't know. he's entitled. disdainful of working people, drunk. he would be a good republican speaker of the house. >> nicely put. i think it is time for a new business called shame rehab. you come in and you redo everybody's internet footprint. character relocation program. they change your name, they do erg. i tell my news and nephew don't do stupid stuff and they don't listen to me. they don't. no one listens. you are doing something disgusting while i am talking. someone much smarter than me is
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report they have tried to sell radioactive material to extremists. i know we are not tight with putin any more but we better send roses daily to mull dove vau. someone flew a drone too close to the white house. what do we do if a whacko gets a hold of something and turns it into a weapons of mass destruction? joining me to not make me feel any better at all it is human rights at harvard university. she is coauthor of an amazing
10:40 pm
book which i read and pretty much rowrote all over it. the future of violence, robots and germs. this is a book every presidential candidate needs to read. i hope they have. i want to ask what do you think of the presidential candidates are best to fight this kind of terror? this new age of terror? >> no? >> i think they need to be informed and i think they need to be ready to make hard social and political choices. you can't work in slogans. for or against regulation or for and against freedom. you have to make hard choices and that's the question, who is going to make that. >> you can't be an ideal log. i don't think there's such a thing as adult deal log. there are threats that terrify
10:41 pm
the hell out of me. >> one of the examples we give is you walk in your shower you see the spider. it can be real ven nam mouse or not. they are operated a drone and relined pictures like on a sports bar tv or a lethal spider drone purchased by your business competitor at bancroft military contractor and it can shoot a small needle in your thighs. >> oh my god. >> when we first came up with this hypothetical scenario it seemed very sci-fiish very far away. you see prototypes of micro robots or micro drones. they are marketed as spy drones. it doesn't seem so far away. >> what is scary about this is we used to worry about nations and states. but really the problem is, you
10:42 pm
call many to many threats. >> these are nonstate actors who can go to radio shack if that still exists and create mayhem. >> it is really at the level of individuals. when you think about cyber you think about robotics and bio engineering. what they do is empower us. they empower us muost of the tie to do great things. they also empower us to do very bad things. they evolve power from governments and individuals. the scary thing is they allow you to operate from anywhere around the world. to attack something in cyber base you don't have to be close you can be anywhere around the world. what do do about this? >> you talked about another example in the book about just using a drone with anthrax, the scientists who mailed anthrax. if you used a drone you could have killed a thousand people perhaps. >> if you considered it a few weeks ago the drone landed inside a stadium during the u.s.
10:43 pm
open match, if that drone was armed and was intended for m monday neville le -- bonn neve purposes. >> you make a good point security and liberty is not mutually exclusive. we always get the ben franklin quote. it is misused usually about taxes. how do you explain that to somebody who says snowden is a hero. >> yes. >> gabby, ignore her. >> if you thought they were mutually exclusive or you had to give one in exchange for the other you would think it is the freest place in the world. more often than not we need liberty and security that are mutually reinforcing. airport security you submit yourself to airport security which is a former surveillance. we don't call it that because we don't like the form of
10:44 pm
surveillance. it enhances security and liberty to fly. >> no lib darian is going to get on the plane without tsa. nobody else. the thing is, too, and i got to move. we are okay with surveillance in the real world. somehow we think about the vib actual world we think of something different. >> we think of cyber paspace as virtual world to be ourselves and secret service nobody has a business to look into. it is the world where our relationships, loves, business, enterprises, transactions, professional development, everything happens there. if that doesn't sound at all virtual. just as you wouldn't want to live in any physical space that isn't police. the solution so far i can find is for whoever is running for president to purchase this book.
10:45 pm
>> there is so many of them. you have 20 people that will buy this book. before i go you said you have a theory why there are so many toyota trucks owned by isis? >> because all of the vw trucks have been recalled. >> i thought you had a real theory. that was worth it, though. congratulations on a great book. i hope it sells a ton. joanne and katherine's book to kamakon. >>ing thanks total i have moderate to severe crohn's disease. it's tough, but i've managed. but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief.
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>> a massive event called comic-con. it is a thing to send correspondents to make fun of said comics. >> superheroes to marvel. we need to do a little work shortstopping before we do. are you excited? >> so exit sued. let's do it. >> i don't know if you can tell by my costume but i am cap pan
10:50 pm
happy hour. >> i am cad lady. do you like this. would you break up with catwoman for me? >> sure. >> we just got married one of my super power is i am so needy you can't get rid of me. >>ic turn any box into a box of wine. >> aren't there plastic things you can drink. >> no, that's the easy way out. i prefer the hard way i need a box and a bottle of wine. my kryptonite is ambient shopping. how good are you with ambient shopping. >> i have blurred vision liquid courage and an iron stomach. i can also turn a 6 into a 10 very easily. would you leave me? a oo you can lie to my face. who do you think is more powerful cat lady or catwoman.
10:51 pm
>> cat lady. legings are better. >> i repel men. >> with what? >> my personality. >> can you give me tips on being evil? >> yes. yes. >> have a little fun with it. maybe a little skirt of acid. you know. >> this is comic con so why did you not dress up? >> i felt like i wasn't good enough to catch up. >> i am cat lady. i have low self-esteem. >> do you want to be my boyfriend? >> are you kidding me? >> there's a confrontation between batman and super man. >> i always felt that batman was over rated. >> i want to speak the truth. >> he has the powers of a normal person. >> what are some of your powers? >> super strength. i can fly and being a bad ass.
10:52 pm
>> i can cry all day ever are i day and never run out of tears. >> you are a costume designer. that definitely helps. i just drink that's really my only hobby. that's also my super power. i can drink about anything. >> thank you. >> i am here with a live raptor. how are you doing? >> my name is brian. >> chris brad great to meet you. >> what about injure rasic cat. be kind of cool. little cat. >> we will put high heels on him, too. >> very sexist. >> what did we learn? >> maybe the comic world isn't ready for two strong modern relatable female superheroes. >> your loss, marvel. >> can you image running into those two at a bar? >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. >> it would be very sad and scary at the same time.
10:53 pm
>> they are playing music which means we don't have time for anything else which is good. greg's mail is up next. >> we are weeks away from how to be right. that's my new book available october 27th. reserve your copy now. i will be on tour all over the place. october 26th in huntington, new york. here's a look at some of the in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you.
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♪ nationwide is on your when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name yes, we are twins. of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at >> it is time for greg mail. greg i read, he answers then we all make smoers. matt says i love the show but i have one issue the lack of unicorns or any unicorn related
10:58 pm
contributions to the show unless you consider katherine as a unicorn personified. she slightly resembles a human version of a unicorn with gag style glasses. her analysis is my favorite part of the show. >> i love when someone insuggests someone's appearances and then says i still like them. >> this guy has been e-mailing me every couple weeks even though i have a lazy eye still thinks i am cute. >> you don't have a lazy eye. those are not gag glasses. >> one is a maker the other eye is a taker. >> good night everyone. >> coming up next we have roger. he writes, i love the rhythmic guitar you use as bumper music before and after commercials. is that a song. who is this? can i get it anywhere? love the keep up the good work. >> that's jimmy paige. it is jimmy paige.
10:59 pm
a guy lives next door. he does a good job. >> you are helping out the people in need. >> finally jay dwyer. my sister and i both had imaginary friends. sally cably and mick were part of my lives for many years. we remember them fondly comforting us when we were sad or just lonely. this wasn't a question just more of a share thing. >> i had an imaginary friend, raymond sam moan. they were probably real the fact that she thought they were imaginary makes her crazy. you had imaginary friends. you didn't have any friends. >> i had a fake imaginary friends because i wanted to be cool. >> so you had an imaginary and imaginary friend. that is keep and sad. file bad for you. >> when you grow he would you will have imaginary friends, too. >> that is just my drunken
11:00 pm
episode. >> we are done here. that was a great show. thank you brett stevens dave smith, joanne, katherine, gabrielle bloom. the liberal panel. i am greg gutfeld.we'll see you. i'm chris wallace. the house in turmoil, as the gop searches for a leader to unite a divided party. ♪ trying to work together. i know a lot of speculation about who should run. >> we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind. we'll speak with congressman jim jordan, chairman of the freedom caucus, that is demanding changes on the hill. >> and newt gingrich, who says he would consider returning to the post he left in 1999. russia escalates its offensive in syria and the u.s. ends its program to train the rebels.


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